She raped her 11-year-old niece in front of her mother | Chronic


The case is in charge of Court No. 5 of the Lomas de Zamora Family. (Google Street View)

A man was charged with sexually abusing his 11-year-old niece in a house in the San Jose neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Temperley. The child's mother would be an accomplice to the situation and would not allow the complainant, the victim's father, to approach her.

The 27-year-old defendant allegedly raped the 11-year-old at the child's grandmother's home since the victim was three years old. The little detail: "My uncle undressed, sat down in the chair, spread his legs and told me to touch him and suck him in. He made me undress and ordered me to put four dogs alike.

In the same, the father of the victim Hugo Dario Martín, 40 years, counted Chronic: "My little girl said that on one occasion her mother found her naked uncle beside her while the child cried and did nothing, her mother is an accomplice."

Although justice has decided that the minor should remain with his father's family, the girl's mother took her, hid her and did not allow the man to see her since November 24, 2018. "The rape was confirmed in December, the defendant is still free, I know nothing about my daughter" said the man.

The case is in charge of the Court No. 5 of the Family of Lomas de Zamora, in charge of the judge Damian Lulo.


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