She gave birth at home and cut the baby's neck with scissors


The tragic episode happened in the city of Villa Centenario, in Buenos Aires. The young woman says she wanted to cut the umbilical cord for the baby. The fact is being investigated by justice.

The 17-year-old girl cut her neck drink after giving birth in a home birth in the city of Villa Centenario in Buenos Aires. The neighbors of the area, when they discovered what happened, threatened to burn down the teenager's house. Officials at Lomas de Zamora's judicial department are investigating what happened.

Denunciation of neighbors.

The crime occurred on January 31 at a humble farm located in Virgilio in 2000, where the teenager gave birth to the girl in the bathroom sector and then with sharp scissors, she applied a cut in the neck and lesions in the region thoracic, according to the spokesmen.

The informants revealed that both the young woman and the woman drink They had to be transferred urgently to the Luisa Gandulfo Hospital in Lomas de Zamora. After the small was taken to the Hospital of Pediatrics Juan Garrahan, in the federal capital. They had to undergo tissue reconstruction surgery. It is now powered by a probe and is out of danger.

The Justice, through the Functional Unit nº 1 of Minors, determined that this adolescent, who is now in outpatient treatment, does not have 180 days of contact with her. drink, while it is ascertained whether he wanted to kill her or whether he injured her completely accidentally while trying to cut her umbilical cord.

The police authorities of the District Headquarters of Lomas de Zamora (Zona Norte) and the Departmental Headquarters of Lanús were in charge of supervising the different procedures.

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