Service stations in crisis: "does not help us raise prices and decrease sales"


So far this year, fuels have increased 13 opportunities and accumulate 40% above inflation. Despite the falling dollar, naphtha does not fall and this begins to have a negative impact on some service stations in the region.

For the holder of the Federation of Business Fuels of the Republic of Argentina, Vicente Impieri, sales have "Decreased considerably" because of this hard blow in the pocket.

"That does not help us raise the price because sales fall. This margin is liquefied with the passage of the days, because the people to the car, they ride of bicycle ", Recognized Impieri, in dialogue with FM CIELO.

"We are between 10 or 15% year-on-year below.and this continues, we will be in trouble " added the owner of the Federation of Fuel Entrepreneurs.

It turns out that, unlike large oil companies, the impossibility of selling a given volume of fuel to the industry has a negative impact on the business.

Although it is recorded that since 2003 until today, in the country they closed more than two thousand service stations, for Impieri there are still no closings at this time in the economy.

However, the situation does not improve and entrepreneurs remain on alert.


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