Seriously: WhatsApp flaw could allow others to read their conversations – 01/14/2019


Yes well Whatsapp is supposed to be one of the most important messaging applications safe thanks to the incorporation of end-to-end encryption, one user showed astonished to find a fail this has allowed you to access the complete history of another person's conversations, and it will be necessary to see if this situation could be repeated.

Abby Fuller, an Amazon developer, revealed that by logging into WhatsApp with a new phone number the application conversations uploaded from a previous user of that number, which the telephone company had previously assigned to another person, a common practice in companies.

Fuller noticed that the iPhone he signed up for was new, that the SIM had never been used before, that the conversations were not encrypted and were not restored from a backup in iCloud or Google Drive.

"I logged into WhatsApp with a new phone number today is the message history of the owner of the previous number was there. That This does not seem right."Fuller wrote on Twitter.

Abby Fuller's tweet details the security breach.

Abby Fuller's tweet details the security breach.

"And now I ask myself, How many times did it happen? Whoever has my old number now has WhatsApp history? "He asked.

"Yes, It was a new device. No, it was not second-hand. It was not a used SIM card. Yes I'm sure it was not my messagesor groups to which they have added me. Yes, they were in plain text. I'm sure it's my phone number. They have not been restored from a backup, "explained the user.

This failure, if it happens again, would represent a severe inconvenience for users, as any person who receives a number that has already been used could access old conversations, perhaps containing sensitive material.

It could even be used to spying on an active user's conversations, by stealing or clone your phone number from another device.

While WhatsApp has not issued any kind of comment In this respect, experts indicate that the best practice is to enable 2-step login to protect more privacy.

How to turn on 2-step login

To activate a higher level of safety in WhatsApp, you have to sign in Settings menu application by pressing the three dots in the upper right corner.

WhatsApp 2-Step Check Activation Menu

WhatsApp 2-Step Check Activation Menu

Once there, you enter "Account"and then to "Two-step verification".

The system will ask you to we'll enter a six-digit PIN, and that we associate the account with an email address in case of forgetting the password.


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