Saturday , October 16 2021

Sergio Ramos defended himself after the whistles in the final of the Club World Cup

O Real Madrid conquer the 2018 World Cup Club. The Merengue will be established for the fourth time in the competition after winning the victory Al Ain by 4 to 1. By the objectives of Luka Modric, Marcos Llorente, Sergio Ramos and Yahia Nader (against). On the other hand, Tsukasa Shiotani off for the local pool. However, the happiness of the White House was disturbed by the constant whistles to the captain of the Spanish cast.

It is that the public of Sheikh Zayed Stadium attacked against Branches since they still do not forget the injury that the defender caused Mohamed Salah at the end of UEFA Champions League this year. Every time he played the ball, the local fans booed Sergio. However, when the defender converted the third goal of the white square, he silenced the fans who criticized him throughout the regular time.

After the match in which the Merengue is consecrated champions of the Mundialito, the captain of Real Madrid spoke with the press of his country and expressed itself on the game, as also did on the whistles. "The whistles are inexplicable, I leave it, I think we have to respect the figures of football, in all competitions we are very well, Real Madrid can not be considered dead because in the end we will be up there fighting for all titles," he said Branches in the first instance.

As for the trophy, Sergio said: "We achieved a goal that we scored, it is the prize to have won the Champions League, we wanted to finish the year with the third consecutive Cup and after arriving it is time to rest a few days to return more force" , said the 32-year-old defender, who did not hide his joy after winning the fourth World Cup of Clubs of his career.

Analyzing the clash against Al Ain, the Spanish footballer referred to the clear situation that had the opposing team in the first minutes of the match. "The striker had passed us, he hit me to the right, but I got my left leg to cover the goal, I went out and it was a play that scored the first part in front of the goal, we were right to be fair winners of the title," close Ramos.

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