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Sergio Massa poses as a condition of the Tigre administration, but Julio Zamora does not leave – 06/11/2019


Negotiations between Kirchnerism and Massism found an obstacle in the final section. A few hours after the closure of the alliances (on Wednesday, June 12), Sergio Tomas Massa demands that the Tiger administration be re-administered.

But current Mayor Julio Zamora does not renounce his idea of ​​re-election, and on Monday night he received a call: "Julio, you have to leave and go with a short ticket."

The voice of one of the K-space negotiators had an inconceivable retort: "No, I'm going to come in, with you or with anyone.

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The point is that Julio Zamora, a Peronist historian who knew how to work for years, joined the Renovador Front when Massa formed this force in 2013. He became an efficient manager and succeeded his political boss in the municipality, when the creator of the FR received a high political volume.

Zamora recently lubricated his connections with Peronism and was seen in acts with Máximo Kirchner and with Cámpora itself, in addition to being entrenched in its relation with the interpreters of the Conurbano.

But now the negotiation of Massa-Kirchner put in the table the municipality where the Renovating Front set up its structure: therefore, it gained weight the idea of ​​Malena Galmarini de Massa as a postulant for the intendant.

Now Massa is asking – for Kirchner's negotiators – that Zamora resign from his candidacy and that there is no STEP in the district. The current mayor asks for a and thus, solve the space applications.

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This discussion has determined Kirchner's own internality, among those who want to close and at all costs, the agreement with Massa and those who have promised Zamora's continuity in the municipality, one of the conditions that the renewal leader should accept for his new electoral agreement.

Zamora was very hard, in the last hours, in front of his relatives: "Sergio is wrong. I go to the PASSES, whatever it is, inside or outside. So let everyone respect the political consequences. "

As you can see, the last few hours of politics will be very hot.

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