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Sergio Denis fell in love again: I met Veronica, the 30-year-old singer who conquered her heart

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January 31, 2019

The musicians live in Belgrano and are neighbors. The woman attended the same school attended by the singer's 69-year-old son.

"I thought I could play that it was not real love, that everything could happen, I thought I could forget" Sergio Denis To live a love of summer and now only remains to discover if this novel is ephemeral as the one that describes the letter of its theme or if the attraction solidifies and it strengthens with the time.

The musician of 69 years old returned to find happiness with a woman and is a boyfriend with a young 30 years, Who has he known since childhood? since she attended the same school where the musician's children were.

"Sergio turns 70 in March and his girlfriend Veronica is a journalist and is 40 years old. They live in the same building and also have a detail: went to the same school as their daughters (the slaves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). He was a year older than his daughter Barbara"He said Angie Balbiani during the Intruders program.

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The journalist revealed that the woman is called Veronica and both are neighbors of the neighborhood of Belgrano. "His family approves the novel, but does not close them much, not just the age difference, but they are neighbors. Because if they end badly they have to keep seeing every day in the building"He added.

Who was in favor of the novel was the driver of the program, Jorge Rial. "The age difference is good and there is no problem. It makes no noise to me that she was a companion to her daughters", He finished.

For its part, Marcela Tauro He also banked the couple and then all the participants in the program analyzed the loves he had Denis during his lifetime. "He dated with a former Big Brother", They reminded Melisa Durán. They also referred to Sergio Denis in which he went through serious economic and health problems.

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