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Due to a slowdown in their major games and mobile competition.

The mobile phone market can be a goldmine or a slide for businesses. And it seems like SEGA He proved himself to judge by his latest financial results.

SEGA has confirmed that it will suffer an "extraordinary loss" in the amount of 55 million dollars for the current year. This loss is attributed to the "intensification" of the competition, as well as to the decline of its existing mobile games.

"The main existing titles [de SEGA] since the service worked in the long run, while competition in Japan's mobile gaming market intensifies"reads the company statement.

In turn, SEGA states that it had "as a goal" to increase revenues by "introducing new titles" in this exercise. "This is expected not to offset the deceleration of the main existing securities"They point out that this is due to the" delay in introducing new titles, "adding that" the performance of the securities presented is below our expectations. "

"The performance of the securities presented is below our expectations"

SEGA has indicated that to offset this decline, it will use its own IP to increase its value. Besides that, try to establish links with external IP to try to make their own games more attractive. He also mentions that his internal development processes will be more efficient, to make him more profitable.

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