Second case of hantavirus in Jujuy


The second positive case of hantavirus in Jujuy forced the authorities of the local Ministry of Health to ask the population to extreme prevention measures. The undersecretary for Promotion and Prevention of Provincial Health, Vernica Serra, noted that the new positive case of hantavirus He was hired by an adult man who works as a reader in the city of Santa Clara..

"So far, there are two positive cases in the province of Jujuy," said the provincial official, detailing that the patient mentioned "entered with a respiratory image assisted in San Roque Hospital – capital Jujea – where he is hospitalized in therapy with evolution very good, since the corresponding blocks and studies were made"

When asked about the existence of suspected cases, Serra indicated that "the results of two possible cases are expected over the course of the week," and clarifies that "suspicious cases are found every day since the initial symptoms are those of a respiratory condition" . The first case of hantavirus in the province was reported on January 15 and he is a 58-year-old man who recovers favorably in a private clinic.

Meanwhile, a new case of hantavirus has been confirmed in the city of Chacabuco, according to the director of Epidemiology of the province of Buenos Aires, Ivn Insa. So far, there are already eight affected in the province of Buenos Aires. The young man was hospitalized late last week when he attended a health center for hantavirus-compatible symptoms.

He had a high fever, asthenia, decay, joint pain and mastalgia. After being referred to Muiz Hospital, the corresponding analyzes were performed and the disease was confirmed. Thus, Buenos Aires already has eight cases of the disease caused by the long-distance mouse, along with those detected in San Pedro, Zré, Navarro, San Ndres de Giles, Berisso, Lobos and Castelli, where it was the last victim of the disease. , who died last Saturday.


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