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Search for geese nests on the river bank in Fortnite (14 days Fortnite Challenge)


Search for geese nests on the river's edge It is the sixth challenge of 14 days of Fortnite, the Christmas event that triggers a new challenge every day until mid-2019. On this occasion, as in others, our task is to find a new object that has just appeared in the game.

For this, it is essential to know where are the geese nests in Fortnite, because later we will have to interact only with the nest (as with the chests) so that the progress meter of the challenge increases. We must locate a total of 6 nests and interact with them to complete the challenge.

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Search for geese nests on the riverside at Fortnite, how to complete the challenge

The map below shows the of the geese nests in Fortnite, which will be active throughout the days of the Fortnite Christmas event. As they are very close to each other, on this occasion we recommend walking, because it will be the fastest (failing this, before getting a Quad Static).

There are more goose nests on the entire map, and they are always around the water (hence the "bank"). Those 6 that we show below, are those that will allow you to achieve the challenge in a single game, if you are fast enough and start by the nest further north or south, and you are "sweeping" the area.

Goose Nests Fortnite map

If you start in the south, you will find the first nest before the covered bridge that passes over the river, under a tree. If you follow the river, you will find some more nests, although they are well ahead …

Nest of geese Fortnite

If you continue heading northeast towards Latifundio Lettal, you will find one in the southeast of this area, again, near the edge of a small lake.

Nest of geese Fortnite

Without leaving the Lethal Latifundium, in the most northerly part you will find some small channels with water. Near the large tree you will find another of the Fortnite Geese Nests.

Nest of geese Fortnite

If we continue to the north, in Socavón Soterrado, descending the ramp more to the south, you will see a small lake. The nest is at the foot of the tree in that area.

Nest of geese Fortnite

If we go southeast now, in the desert part you will see a small oasis very close to the area without desertification. Again, on the shore, you can find the nest.

Nest of geese Fortnite

Further south, a bit southwest, you can find another desert area with a lake (it's right near the main road). You will see the nest near a palm tree.

Nest of geese Fortnite

When you searched for a total of six geese nests at Fortnite, and finish the game in progress, you will unlock a new item at your box office. Specifically, the reward of the sixth challenge is this loading screen …

14 days reward of the sixth day

Now you know how to complete search for geese nests on the riverside at Fortnite, the sixth challenge of the Christmas event 14 days of Fortnite. If you need more help with Fortnite's 14-day challenges, we also tell you how to complete all of Fortnite's 14-day challenges, such as visiting gigantic candy canes, creating (or joining) a creative server, or hitting a player with a snowball in different games …

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