Screens, 8K and modular panels: this is TV 2019


The televisions were the main protagonists in the preview of the consumer electronics fair CES 2019, in which two authentic titans of the sector, LG and Samsung, presented a model that accumulates in itself and a monitor with technology MicroLED of 75 inches, respectively.

The Lg, which will be launched this year, has a high resolution 4K OLED screen that ends in itself when it is off and therefore does not take up space.

On the other hand, Samsung introduced two models: a TV with MicroLED technology of high resolution 4K and 75 inches, which represents a substantial reduction in the size that this type of appliance presented until today and makes it more easily adaptable to the home. Y the imposing 98 QLED 8K, which is the largest so far and which comes with the Quantum Processor 8K processor.

Both companies, moreover, added to one of the trends currently being seen at CES: leaving behind old rivalries to make products and services compatible with each other, one of the most illustrative examples the inclusion of Apple's AirPlay 2 among systems that can operate on the new Samsung and LG TVs.

Apple has traditionally been reluctant to allow its products to run on other Finally, Mac, iPad, or iPhone users can stream content from these devices to their TV sets through the AirPlay 2 ecosystem.

In the same way, Adding HomeKit will enable interaction with TVs using Apple's voice assistant, Siri, which is added to Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa.

"Many of our customers also have Apple devices, LG worked with Apple to create a streamlined user experience and I am pleased to announce today that we have added AirPlay to our 2019 TVs," said the director of marketing for entertainment products domestic. of LG, Tim Alessi.

The South Korean company has christened its new television Signature LG OLED TV R (although this may not be the definitive name with which it is released in the market)and is an improved and finished version of the prototype with which he was already surprised at the same congress in Las Vegas last year.

The 65 inches is made with OLED material (organic LEDs) that emit 4K resolution image, very bright and high contrast like those that the company already has in the market, and is "mounted" in a rectangular box less than one-third that of the monitor. This box is what "hides" the TV when it is turned off, wrapped around itself like a blind.

The device has three different modes: full view, which assumes the entire screen; linear view, where the screen partially hides and only shows the controls of music, clock, weather and other information, and zero view, in which the whole television is "hidden".

As for the Samsung model, it's a step further in technology MicroLED, for which the Asian manufacturer is betting heavily, based on the combination of boards with millions of inorganic LED chips (and therefore of unlimited duration) that emit their own light, without the need of backlight, which allows to create screens hardly thick.

The new Samsung TV, in fact, is extremely thin and has almost imperceptible pictures.

"For decades, Samsung has been a leader in cutting-edge display innovation, and our MicroLED technology is at the forefront of the next revolution in displays with smart and adaptable monitors that stand out in all categories," said the president during the presentation. business of the company screens, Jonghee Han.

The images produced by MicroLED have a similar quality to the OLED, with the difference that OLED uses organic and therefore perishable components.

The CES consumer electronics show that takes place today in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) is the largest in the world and brings together more than 180,000 people.


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