Scientists question the existence of liquid water on Mars


Вчені засумнівалися в існування рідкої води на Марсі

Some evidence for the existence of liquid water on Mars may be incorrect

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology said incorrect data processing, obtained by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, could lead to the fact that the probe could mistakenly identify the presence of hydrated salts on the red planet, writes the with reference to Telegraph.

This means that some regions of Mars, which presently assume the presence of liquid water and the conditions for the existence of life, may actually become dry and lifeless.

Experts have discovered a problem during the research of hydrated perchlorates on maps of Mars, based on the information obtained by the spectrometer in visible and near infrared radiation (CRISM). Perchlorates reduce the freezing temperature of water to 80 degrees, which makes possible the existence of liquid water on Mars. Traces of the presence of perchlorates in the Martian soil were found by the Phoenix spacecraft and the Mars Curiosity Rover.

The presence of minerals on the planet, researchers have tested for the reflection of different wavelengths of the surface because of a particular chemical substance to absorb and reflect light. However, the CRISM camera is not always correct, with the result of detecting reflected light spots where they should not be. Algorithms to correct such errors sometimes dive into spectra at the same wavelength as perchlorate.

By making adjustments to the CRISM algorithm, the researchers had the opportunity to consider even the smallest traces of perchlorate on the surface of Mars. The result was that the perchlorates cover almost the entire Red planet. Closer inspection revealed that salts are present even when there is no geological reason for their appearance.

According to the scientists, this suggests that some data on the presence of perchlorates on the surface of Mars proved to be incorrect. Researchers emphasize that this does not mean the salts on the red planet, but that means they are harder to find

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