Santiago Solari: "He who is not in the maximum, who receives"


After the last presentations of the Real Madrid in The league, Santiago Solari It began to be questioned and many doubt that it can reach the end of the season. This Wednesday he plays the semifinal of Club World, against Kashima Antlers and, at least at the press conference, you will not be worried.

"I have the same impression of the first day since Cadet B and as a football player, delivering the best I can in every aspect of my work every day, that's my philosophy and my way of seeing football and that work," he commented. The Coach. Merengue regarding his continuity in the club.

The theme Bait It was approached by the Argentinean: We are concentrated today and in the party of Kashima. This appointment deserves great enthusiasm and everyone can be decisive to reach the final. I love him as a football player. My job is that everyone is at the maximum and what is not, understand. So I have to choose, the ungrateful work of the coach. The vast majority of the campus is doing 100 percent.

The press has not missed the opportunity to ask about Mourinho: I have the utmost admiration and the utmost respect for all my colleagues, also for the amateurs, the anonymous ones. With more reasons for those who were part of this club. Fearing that there is speculation Real Madrid… there is every day.

In the same way, I talked about how difficult it is to Club World and win this short competition. We give you the utmost importance of commitment, to get here Real Madrid had to win the Champions League, an extraordinary feat and we will try to revalidate the title.


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