San Martin de San Juan drew with Columbus and stayed one point above Belgrano


Belgrano was one of three teams that closely followed what happened in Santa Fe tonight, at the close of the penultimate date of the Super League. San Martin de San Juan tied 0-0 Colón and left complicated with the permanence. The other has already lost the category San Martín, or Tucumán.

In the table of means, Patronato is what is outside the red zone and maintaining the category. He has 90 points in 81 games. So come San Martin de San Juan and Tiger with 88 in 81. Below, appears Belgrano with 87 in 81. Of these four teams, only one will stay in the Super League.

The last three descents of the Superliga will be decided on Sunday at 15:15, when the last date is played.

Patronato, Tigre, San Martín (SJ) and Belgrano they are the protagonists of this definition and only one will maintain the category.

  • Patronato, who is out of the relegation zone, has 90 points in 81 games.
  • San Martín (SJ) has 88 points in 81 games.
  • Tiger has 88 points in 81 games.
  • Belgrano has 87 points in 81 games.
  • San Martin de Tucumán has already gone down.

On Sunday, at 15.15, the games will be as follows:

  • Patronato-Argentinos
  • San Martín (SJ) – Offices
  • River-tiger
  • Belgrano-Godoy Cruz

The chances of Belgrano

The Belgrano only aspires to a tie-break with the Patronato. If you lose or draw, you descend. Only the winner has the chance to access this tie-break. In addition to winning, Belgrano needs other results:

  • What plate loses
  • That tiger does not win.
  • That San Martin de San Juan does not win

The scenarios of the other teams

In addition to Belgrano, the definition will be tremendous. Each team has its own possibilities.

Patronage is saved by winning. If you tie, you do not have to beat Tigre or San Martin (SJ). If Tigre and San Martín (SJ) tie and also win, there will be a triangular to define two descents. If lost, it can be reached by Belgrano or surpassed by Tigre and San Martín (SJ). But still losing can be saved: if they do not beat Belgrano, Tigre or San Martín (SJ).

San Martín de San Juan knows that by losing or drawing, he descends. To get first, you need to lose Patronage and not win Tiger. If the Tiger wins and also wins and loses the Patronage, there is a tiebreaker with the Tiger. If the Tiger wins and also wins and also the Patron's Draw, there are triangles to define two descents.

The scenery of Tigre is the same as that of San Martín. If you tie or lose, for National B. If the Patroness wins and loses and the Sanjuaninos do not win, he is saved. If he wins and San Martin wins (SJ), there will be a tiebreaker between them. If Tiger wins and also wins San Martin (SJ) and also Sponsorship, there are triangular.



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