Samsung introduces the Infinity Flex Display, its first foldable cell phone


Flexible Screen

It is a handy device that, closed, is used as a phone with all its functions and, once opened, is transformed into a 7.3-inch tablet

Samsung officially unveiled the "Infinity Flex Display", a flexible screen that will accompany the company's first foldable phone even though it has not disclosed the name or the final appearance.

Samsung Electronics vice president of products Justin Denison showed the team briefly and in total darkness to focus attention on a 7.3-inch AMOLED screen that closes to make way for a second screen, which is activated when the shape It is closed, automatically becoming a cell phone.

Denison said the company would be "poised to start mass production in the coming months" and called the new screen technology "the biggest breakthrough of the last decade."

With Android help, apps open in either mode (phone and tablet) will start automatically when you change the format.

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