Samsung Bot, a new line of robots to care for the elderly, help in the shops and even an exoskeleton


The conference of Samsung at CES 2019 left us news in different lines of products of the company. News on televisions, refrigerators, laptops, Bixby and … even robots! Samsung introduced a new line of robots focused on helping users in different aspects of everyday life. Four robots announced, one of which also offered us a demonstration.

An ecosystem connected by Bixby and … with robots

Home, work and even the car are connected thanks to the new products and services from Samsung. The company showed how different appliances can be controlled by Bixby, but also taught us new laptops for the job or its solution for the car connected by Digital Cockpit, which recognizes drivers and passengers.

Samsung Bot

Surprise gave us, however, the new line of robots that developed. Or rather, it is still developing because we have not seen them all physically. This line is made up of different robots focused on specific aspects or specific functions. For example, a robot that takes care of the health of the user or a robot that works in the stores.

Robots to help at home, in the shops or at work

In the event held by Samsung at CES 2019 we saw that four robots from the Samsung Bot line were announced. The first and only one we have seen in action is Samsung Bor Care. This robot, about one meter high, is designed for the home and is a medical care robot. Among its functions we find the power to monitor users' sleep, administer medication at scheduled times, take heart rate or call the emergency number if necessary.

It is a robot designed for the house, able to detect when you wake or fall asleep, or to analyze your heart rate just by putting your finger on it, as we saw in the demo. Samsung says it will also offer remote management, video calling, or exercise and music cues. The robot obeys orders through the voice and in principle we can have a conversation with it similar to what we have with a digital assistant.

Care Bot

The other three bot robots from the Samsung Bot did not show up, although the company mentioned why they were designed. Samsung Bot Air is an indoor air quality monitor, Samsung Bot Retail will help in establishments taking items from one place to another or making collections. Finally, with a different aspect to others, we find Samsung GEMS, an exoskeleton that presumably will help us perform heavy movements with less effort.

As the company itself has indicated, this is only a preview of its latest advances in robotic platforms. Therefore, we do not have a release date for these robots, neither price nor final characteristics. What we probably have in the coming days are more demos of the Samsung Bot Care for the Samsung facilities at CES 2019.

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