Salteña and daughters move in video that reached 20 million visits


Uruguayan Stella Moreira recorded the song Oncemil by Abel Pintos with her 12 and 7 year old daughters and the video crossed borders.

The camera is switched on and Stella Moreira Salteña (40) with her daughters, Aylin and Irina Franco, aged 12 and 7, appear singing the song Oncemil of the Argentinean Abel Pintos.

The tenderness and sweetness of the voice of both girls who are accompanied by their mother moves the listener. And once the video was uploaded by Stella to your Facebook profile without any expectation other than to share it with your friends, it started being played by thousands of people in just a few minutes, remember in dialogue with ECOS , Stella Moreira.

The video has been viewed more than 20 million times and shared by more than half a million people. This was the repercussion that crossed borders and came to Marcelo Tinelli, who has shared four times on his official Facebook page and wrote: "For many, the best version of the year."

In addition, users around the world have not stopped highlighting the talents of Stella and the two girls, who carry the music in their blood, since her mother has lived with music for at least 25 years.

Stella was a finalist in the 2012 Dreaming for Singing program. In addition, he is part of the Exodus music group and traveled with his colleagues to a large part of the country doing what he most likes and in addition, having a radio program, he opened a singing school frequented by many children and adults of the city.

Their daughters, Aylín and Irina, who are Argentines – from Concordia – but also live in Salto for some time, have their activities, besides attending high school and school.

But even if everyone has their routine, Stella always worries that the three share as much time as possible. The idea of ​​recording the video, correctly, came at one of those moments that seek to have their obligations together.

The two girls went to visit their mother in the corner school, taking advantage of an hour that Stella had free. "I came up with the idea of ​​recording him for having something with my girls," he explains.

The music played by the three was filmed by a friend with his cell phone. "It was all very homey," she says, still surprised by the repercussion. Stella and Aylín are fans of Abel Pintos. Usually the three would listen and sing in the car the subject and so the choice.

Now girls, despite their young age, are not without praise. His teachers, teachers and colleagues from the educational institutions attended had something to tell him about the video.

Irina, who was in her sophomore year, is ashamed to be recognized and congratulated, but Aylin, who is older, likes it. "The sweetest thing of all is the messages, the comments so positive and so cute for us as family," he says.

Stella does not like to pressure her daughters to follow in her footsteps, though she admits it would be nice if they did. Something is right, both love to sing. Aylín, in addition to singing, plays guitar and ukulele.

Still impressed by the impact and, at the request of many, the three decided to record another song, this time, the Spanish singer Natalia Jiménez. Stella kept the theme name to surprise the fans. Surely you can listen before the end of the month, since he estimated that next week will record it.


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