Sabrina Rojas responded to Moria Casán: she separated from Luciano Castro by extortion?


Moria Casán gave an explosive theory about the separation of Luciano Castro and Sabrina Rojas. The driver said that there could be extortion on the part of a lover and suggested paying special attention to the actresses who worked with the actor in 100 days to fall in love

Rojas came to the crossroads of this version and responded to La One through an audio he sent to The angels of the morning. "We are two good people. (Castro and her) and we have a great relationship. We have nothing to hide or we have to give more explanations than we, which were many. He who wants to believe, believes and he who does not believe. I've swallowed my balls all this, it's getting ugly. " he kept.

"The healthiest thing is that we do not talk anymore and dedicate ourselves to our family and holidays", Sabrina finished.


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