Rosario Central and Estudiantes meet at Gigante de Arroyito: time, TV and formations


Central Rosary to receive Students of La Plata at the Giant of Arroyito in a duel of similar styles. At one of the meetings opening the date 13 gives Superliga, O Shameless is measured before the Lion with Pablo Echavarría as the main judge and the live television signal cable sports TNT Sports.

Rosario Central lost on her visit to Athletic Tucuman per 2 to 1 on the last date of the national competition, but then qualified for the end of the Argentine Cup by defeating by penal Temperley, where do you expect River O Fitness, who will play on Wednesday November 28th

The coach Edgardo Bauza until the last moment, the evolution of the Alfonso Parot, who suffered a muscle discomfort. Meanwhile, Oscar Cabezas inserted by Matías Caruzzo while Marco Ruben returned to the starting team in place of the Fernando Zampedri.

On the other hand, Students of La Plata tied 1 to 1 with Defense and Justice in the party that had been suspended in the past September 22 due to poor weather conditions sixth day gives Superliga.

At that meeting they were expelled Rodrigo Braña and Mariano Pavone, in which the coach Leandro Benítez ordered the entrance of Franco Sivetti by the midfielder and the Francisco Apaolaza foward.


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