Roberto Lavagna spoke about his possible candidacy: "I will not campaign for corruption"


Former Economy Minister Roberto Lavagna referred to the various factors surrounding his eventual decision to run for president in this year's elections. Without giving a definition about it, he spoke as a candidate: "I will not campaign with corruption".

Lavagna assured that he did not seek the likely candidacy that put him back in the center of the political scene, but that "he took a lot of circumstances." "Personally and for my family, they are all disadvantages", he added.

"When this question of a possible candidacy began to appear, my first reaction – which is still valid today – is that it belongs to a generation next to my"he added in an interview with journalist Jorge Fontevecchia and whose breakthrough was released on Thursday Net TV.

However, he pointed out that this mainly "depends on the willingness and degree of acceptance of those who follow"and that if that person" exists or does not exist ", it is not for him to analyze it.

In addition, Lavagna said that he has no doubts about the demand of the electorate in relation to his candidacy, which he says exists, but on the supply and "the ability to really build a space with the Peronists, radicals, socialists"

In a radio interview, the former minister assured that he had no "intention" to compete in the main federal alternative – the party with which he most identified himself – because he was doomed to building a consensus front that would include representatives of the above-mentioned parties.

"Arming this is complex when there are two opponents who prefer a crack, a big hole, although part of the Argentines are falling through that hole"said Lavagna.

However, he pointed out: "If I am here, in this process, I am warning that there is a strong demand for changes in society to leave what Macri or Cristina offer, a deep crack without the least dialogue. "

The former minister went on to criticize Macri and Kirchner, defining them as figures who "have a vocation for the whole". He said that both "believe that they are the ones who were called at a certain time to govern, that they can ignore the rest, even if they are minority" and that for not recognizing that they are simply part of a whole, they have little capacity for dialogue ". "Not because there was not, you can talk, but with little ability to listen," he said.

He added: "(We have) a country where On the one hand, there are traders and, on the other hand, pseudo-ideologues. None have a clear country project. I think it is time to define an order of progress, of peace, of social justice, I think that is what the Argentine population wants and has the right to demand. "

Regarding the Argentine economic situation, Lavagna said: "(We have) 8 years of stagnation and a drop in terms of average per capita income that leads to the current level being the same as in 2007. Our neighbors advance on all planes and Argentina is absolutely stagnant"

At the same time, he spoke in favor of the renegotiation of the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), arguing that the talk should revolve around how to "mobilize all the idle resources that this blessed country has."

Speaking of the macroeconomic situation, the former minister explained that, in his view, it is necessary to "reorder all relative prices". "That is, salary, exchange rate, interest rate, this macro depends on whether an economy starts or not and that order is not made by decree," he added.

In addition, he emphasized that he denounced the corruption and cartelization of public works while still a minister of Kirchner and that, a few days later, he was deposed. In this context, he indicated: "I will not campaign around corruption in a country where everything is about to be discussed"


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