River's new shirt model has opened a rift between fans – 02/28/2019


Sports marketing needs constant change. It is known that clubs feature models each season to attract fans. But in this search, sometimes the brands generate alternative products, very little related to traditions, which open cracks in the fan's popular taste. This is the case of the new jacket that River presented on Thursday.

"The new skin of the greatest. The new champion shirt of America"River sells in his official Twitter account that comes with a video of the new product, the link that tweet proposes for River's online store It sells for $ 2,699 and can be paid in three interest-free installments.

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As has been said, the model has caused a rage among millionaire fans who have turned to social networks to share their opinion on the shirt made by Adidas. The crack was between those who expressed their discontent and those who fell in love at first sight.



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