River-Boca: confession of Daniel Angelici on Boca's decision to accept the game in Madrid – 12/05/2018


Boca is already in Madrid to face the final of the Copa Libertadores against the River in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu. With a few hours on European soil, the president xylene, Daniel Angelici, warned that the legal fight that faced the club after the incidents at Monumental goes beyond what will be the game, and confirmed that it will be appealed in "all instances".

In dialogue with the radio program "Closs Continental", the leader pointed out that"we must not forget that Boca was attacked and the players were not there to play the game either on Saturday or Sunday"

"The cool thing continues in separate ways until the end, tomorrow (on Thursday) we had to have an answer, we will appeal to all instances," confirmed Angelici.

In addition, he slipped an infidelity of the fight with the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Domínguez. "The relationship with Dominguez was too tense to say "to Madrid we will not"said Angelici.

He also told of the decision to travel to Madrid with the school's relatives. "It's strange being in Madrid, the club decided to hire a letter and we decided to invite the families of the players."

"We can not deprive Argentines of a show like this. It's sad to have to travel 12,000 kilometers to play a game.. We were only a few blocks away and we had to travel 11 hours, "he concluded.


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