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Riot Games workers are organizing to mass protest

The tension between Riot Games, responsible for League of Legends, and its workers are far from finished and this weekend learned that a mass protest is being prepared following the company's intention to block the lawsuits against it, appealing to contractual terms in which some workers have agreed without legal action in case of litigation and is settled internally.

Today, a Waypoint revealed that after the recent events in which Riot Games tried to intimidate the workers so that they did not legally proceed, the workers decided to organize a march to protest against the event and request a prompt resolution of the conflicts that afflict the work environment of the company. since last year, when it was learned that it deprived an environment of sexism and toxicity against women. After the intention of the workers to speak out publicly, Riot Games responded immediately and Angela Roseboro, the company's diversity manager, sent a message to the workers inviting them to the dialogue, holding group sessions in which they can express their disagreements and work to find a solution to the conflict.

For his part, Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games, responded with an internal email in which he said proud of the position of the workers and the defense they make of their principles. In the same way, he invited those involved in the problem to dialogue in order to know clearly the existing problems that will seek to improve the work environment and the policies that support it.

Finally, a representative of the workers Waypoint who do not agree with the idea that problems are fixed internally because, in addition to failing to meet their requests for transparency, it makes workers feel invisible to the company, so at no time was it considered to participate in the proposed dialogue sessions by Riot Games.

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