Rio stayed on the road | He fell in penalties cont …


Neither the River nor the local Al Ain managed to win in the 120 minutes of play and set the game of the penalty in the first semifinal of the FIFA Club World Cup, which takes place in the United Arab Emirates. In this case, the local set was imposed.

In the second half, Al Ain returned to the equalizer with a goal from Brazilian Caio Fernandes to 51 & # 39; while the Argentine team lost the chance to retake the advantage: Pity Martinez missed a penalty that hit the crossbar in the 68th minute

The course of the first half was marked by a river that began to sleep and suffered a goal in the third minute of the Swedish Marcus Berg, who after charging a corner ahead of the entire Emirates. But a pair of Borré (at 11 and 16), who had not played for a penalty in the Copa Libertadores final, gave the Argentine team a 2-1 lead before entering the locker room.

In the interval of the interval, the referee Gianluca Rocchi canceled a goal of the selection of the Emirates after confirming with the VAR that the player El Shahat was out of game at the time of the kicking against the goal.


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