Rio Boca: Lionel Messi, Santiago Solari and Diego Simeone complete the Argentine invasion – 09/12/2018


The fans and the Spanish press are still surprised and fascinated by the River-Boca, but other names of the Argentines complete the football schedule of a very special weekend. Leo Messi returned to settle in the first pages, Santiago Solari presents his Madrid and returns soon from Huesca to see the Superfinal while Simeone, who had said that he would watch the game on TV, finally decided to also go to the Bernabeu.

He did it again. Messi Two free throws, two goals. One to the left corner of goalie Diego Lopez and the other to the right. The first to open the classic with Espanyol and the other to confirm the victory that ended 4-0. In addition, allowed Dembelé in the goal of the dark and could have scored more goals. Its festival was a double answer, interpreted by the press, not only by Catalan. One to the Ball of Gold that took Modric and that did not put like candidate for rosarino. And another for Pele, who had criticized the 10 last week.

Meanwhile, Messi cleared the doubts and finally appeared by Bernabéu with his father and his son Thiago. He was also accompanied by his Barcelona colleagues Gerard Piqué, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba.

In order to play the game, Real Madrid drained their return from Huesca, where he won 1-0 in his league game. A necessary victory against the weak team was promoted this season, to prevent Barcelona, ​​Atletico and Sevilla, their predecessors, who had already won on Saturday, take off. Real Madrid made an operation to shoot out of the Alcoraz stadium, take the flight and travel 345 kilometers to Barajas.

From the airport to the Bernabeu there is a half hour bus ride. If there are no setbacks in the game, if no one delays in anti-doping and air traffic permits, the stars of Madrid will be at home to see the River-Boca. With Solari at the helm.

Simeone is another who will see the match at the Bernabéu. This morning in his environment said that Cholo, happy with the walk of his Atletico, would certainly see the Superfinal on TV and probably just assist his assistant, Mono Burgos, Real Madrid stadium. But in the end DT changed plans.

His Aleti thrashed Alaves 3-0 on Saturday. Reinforced his performance in the championship, played very well, but only managed to confirm the victory in the final minutes with the last two goals. Simeone, euphoric, broke protocol. Nothing more to finish a party enters the changing rooms. This time he stayed on the pitch and hugged his players one by one.

The Superfinal, Minute by Minute


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