"Resilience," the story in which Fernando Gago explained how he overcame his previous Achilles tendon rupture


"My tendon broke". Fernando Gago he did not need the medical diagnosis. He barely got up after he collapsed in the second overtime of the Superfinal of the Copa Libertadores against Rio, went directly to the substitute bank, though Mouth I had no further changes. Furious, helpless, anguished, he left the field of play. The social networks of Xeneize They signed yesterday: "medical part, right Achilles tendon rupture".

The injuries pursued Pintita, 32, undermined a race that, by conditions, could even be more successful than it is. Twice he suffered a rupture of the left Achilles tendon and this year he recovered from rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, internal lateral and meniscus of the right knee that he had undergone in 2017, playing for the Selection. His future, after this new coup, is unknown.. However, he is a specialist in recycling, in recovering from adversity.

"Resilience"is the name of the story that Gago wrote for the book Paper ball 2, which has the signature of 41 renowned football players and coaches who narrate experiences or stories. The product of the sale of the work has a solidarity purpose: they are donated to entities of public good.

The midfielder preferred to count, without taking the lead, as he lived his recovery after his previous tear of the Achilles tendon, who was on the verge of retirement. It happened on April 24, 2016, also in a Superclassic. "The soul hurts more than the tendon"is one of the deep phrases he used to describe the difficult time that has passed. And that today must return to traffic.

The title of your text was not random. He himself was responsible for explaining the definition of Resilience. "Human capacity to take situations limit with flexibility and to overcome them". Despite this ability, which Gago exhibited in every obstacle proposed by fate, he had trances of weakness.

"The picture is bleak, the decision to withdraw is taken", revealed, indicating that he was about to hang his boots after the setbacks. But he did not. With the help of his sons and his partner Gisela Dulko, he returned to the activity, he left the champion and returned to wearing the national team jersey.

"Months later, his team is champion again, with him as captain." Suddenly, in the middle of the Olympic lap, he abstracts himself. Possessed by an emotion that overflows completely, the hand of his children crosses the court, which he knows by heart. He sits in the center circle and cries like a child. The circle closes. The movie has a happy ending. No. 5 never thought that this bad time would become one of the best experiences he had to live. Thanks to this, he learned that he can always anticipate any extreme situation that appears on the road and prepare him to never again, repeatedly and as often as necessary, recover. To stand up and face any battle, even when almost no one thinks it is possible, "he makes a description that is a song of hope, perhaps, after this new adverse situation, he decides to follow the path he himself wrote.


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