Reef charity begins cutting $ 444 million


The environmentally controversial charity has delivered record funding from the federal government to donate $ 42 million to traditional landowners for the health of the Great Barrier Reef.

The funding amounts to about 10 percent of the $ 444 million donation the charity received from the federal government last year despite not requesting or having an investment plan.

Director of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation, Anna Marsden, said the money will help expand existing activities, including turtle tagging, beach cleaning, health monitoring of water courses and land and water remediation. sea ​​along the reef.

"Traditional owners have a lasting connection to the reef and have been working to conserve it and restore it for generations," Marsden said in a statement on Thursday.

The foundation says funding will be based on work being done today by more than 200 indigenous forest rangers and 70 groups of sea countries within the catchment area of ​​the reef.

The little-known charity found itself in hot water last year after it was revealed that there was no bidding process for the registration grant.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison took responsibility for the decision, saying that as treasurer he wanted the most effective way to make a "significant and urgent" commitment to the reef.

The Senate environmental committee is investigating how the Great Barrier Reef Foundation received the concession last April.

A report of its inquiry was originally due last August, but will now be delivered on February 13, possibly after more public hearings and submissions.

Originally published as a charity for Recife begins to cut US $ 444 million


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