Redback pictured eating brown baby snake in Victoria


A Victorian woman took a series of gruesome photos on Wednesday, which makes it very easy to understand why many tourists are terrified of Australian wildlife.

Robyn McLennan came across a terrifying scene in Gapsted Wines in the northeast of the state after seeing a redheaded spider devouring what she believed to be an oriental brown snake.

Instead of running away screaming like most people would, Ms McLennan decided to take some close pictures.

She sent the photos to Facebook, noting that the spider had "brought the snake entirely off the ground" and suspended it in the air.

It is known that Redback spiders attack small lizards and snakes from time to time, but this does not make the sight less scary.

They take the larger prey by creating a trap in which they curl or crawl underneath and bite them before they can react.

For larger catches like this snake, the spider will inject digestive fluid into the animal to soften its interior before sucking it.

People were understandably frightened by the images, with many in shock that a spider could actually kill a snake.

"I would not have believed if I had not seen it myself," McLennan said when a commentator questioned how the spider could do that.

"Now, that's an ambitious red back," someone else said.

One joked: "Tourism Australia should use this photo".


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