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Real Madrid extended its hegemony and Santiago Solari highlighted Zinedine Zidane – 12/22/2018


There are no equivalences. Although Hussein El Shahat breaks his waist and leaves Thibaut Courtois on the road, the difference is abysmal. It will be enough for Sergio Ramos, the great captain, to read the action beforehand. And back to cover the shot with the left leg. It was a judgment of goal that individual maneuvering of the Egyptian. It ended in a corner. And on the next play, the game is over. Because that's how Madrid is. Arrogant Master the solvency of a star-laden team that decides when to end the duel with the opponent on duty. Was the river saved? It is impossible to determine. The truth is that the world champion was again merengue, as in 2016 and 2017. And Santiago Solari, who was confirmed in his position only a month ago, can already say that he won his first title in one of the most sought after banks in the world. Spain

Seven "Mundialitos" won the Madrid, four Clubs World Cups, three when it was the Intercontinental Cup. Yes, that's what the Spaniards call a competition by which any South American club would give away the gold and the Moor. Only the Champions League in the White House is important. And he has won the last three, of course. That's why he won the right to compete in this petit tournament. Watching the players of the white giant greet themselves in the epilogue with a minimum hug, as if they had defeated Huesca, mark what is valued.

And it became clear, once again, that European football is above all else. The distance they have taken in relation to our region is abysmal. In fact, River did not even reach the final. And since it was established in its current format, from 2005 to 2018, there were eleven champions of the Old Continent against two from South America: Inter from Porto Alegre in 2006 and Corinthians in 2012. The last six editions were settled by Europeans: Bayern Munich, Barcelona and four times Real Madrid.

"It's a golden trick, and we are also here thanks to (Zinedine) Zidane, I like the seriousness the team gave to this tournament, they do not get tired of winning," said Solari, world champion as a player in 2002.

The volume of the game in Madrid contradicts the intensity and enthusiasm of Al Ain FC. Khalid Eisa managed to hold the bow until Llorente, a young midfielder who relegated Casemiro, swung from a distance. Then came the goals of Sergio Ramos, boss, and Yahia Nader, against, who took a center behind Vinicius, the 18-year-old Brazilian who Florentino Perez paid him EUR 45 million to the Flamengo. Impossible to compete against this wallet.


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