Real estate grew 5% in dollars last year, according to MercadoLibre | Business Opening


The verticals of MercadoLibre real estate announced that in 2018 the prices of properties in the Federal Capital published on the platform increased, in dollars, 5%. The data, compared to 2017, when prices in that foreign currency rose 11%, represents a fall of 57% year by year.

According to the report, "the increase in prices of apartments for sale in dollars has slowed since the middle of the second quarter." Between January and April, they increased 5% and fell 0.3% between May and December. "Since May, prices have remained practically stable, increasing by 5.5% in annual terms," ​​he added.

Puerto Madero is still the most expensive neighborhood. Your m2 costs, on average, US $ 6415. It is followed by Las Cañitas (US $ 3931) and Recoleta (US $ 3553).

On the other hand, rents were below inflation, since on the platform peso prices grew 30% last year, far from the 43.9% increase in prices recorded by Indec until November. The average value for rent in the Federal Capital was US $ 13,581.

O Popular Neighborhoods to rent in December were Caballito, Palermo and Belgrano. For its part, Puerto Madero was the most expensive ($ 54,350) and its value is 5.3 times higher than being in Mataderos, with the lowest average price.

The report also reports that the gross annual profitability of the departments -The percentage that is recovered annually from the initial investment of a property when renting it fell 2.1%.


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