Quintero: "The 10 is not mine, the only thing that matters is the shirt"


Juan Fernando Quintero, one of the River Champion of America figures, said in TyC Sports Summer that he does not reveal the number 10 left by Gonzalo Martinez with his departure for Atlanta United.

"The 10's are not mine and I'm happy with the 8's. The only thing that matters is the shirt", affirmed the Colombian midfielder, pointed out as the cornerstone of the millionaire model of 2019, directed by coach Marcelo Gallardo.

In addition, Quintero said that the Libertadores won against Boca with his goal "to remember her all his life".

Finally, he talked about its continuity. "I live day by day and I'm very happy here. I can not talk about the future because it is uncertain. That's where I wanted to be and hopefully for a long time, "he replied.


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