Queen Reech said her stepfather abused her and that her mother did not believe her – 07/01/2019


In his visit to the table Mirtha Legrand (The Thirteen), Reina Reech he talked about the child abuse.

Following the complaint Thelma Fardin against Juan Darthés, the actress and dancer – through a post on Instagram – said that who was his mother's partner abused her when she was 13 years old.

"My stepfather at age 13 wanted to abuse me.. Buby Labecchia made me have the most traumatic moment of my life, I felt alone with a huge void that I still can not fill today"published at the time queen.

Now, surprised to confess What was your mother's attitude?, the famous Amber La Fox when she told him. "Did your mother know?" Asked Carmen Barbieri, also invited to the cycle.

"This is the most painful thing, he knew it, but at first he broke up, but then he came back"Reina assured him through tears. And he continued: "It is very difficult for that to happen. He did not believe me.. Because if I had not come back with him. "

"I was very small, I got sick and I did not recover. And my mother was in Spain and they called her and said, "This girl is leaving us." And everything was not to speak, not to say, not to say "Queen continued with her story.

Even Reina said her mother – at the time – decided to go head to head with her then partner: "It was very difficult that. He confronted me with it and said, "Warbler, how can you say that about me?"

"My mother kicked me out so I could go back to him. She wanted the house free. It seems that he did not believe me, "continued Queen, distressed.

Finally, Juana Repetto's mother spoke of how important it was to go out and tell this difficult memory: "It's good to talk about it, it was my fault. I did a lot of therapy, not just psychoanalytically but also transpersonally. And they do not shut us down anymore. No woman is silent"

It must be remembered that after the testimony of Thelma Fardin, Reina shared the story of what happened to her in your Instagram account:

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I feel the need to talk about it, because I've been moldering my life because I've had years of therapy to overcome it, because 47 years have passed and I still twist my heart, my stepfather at age 13 wanted to abuse me, it's hard for me to write , I am filled with a deep anguish, I understand every woman who is silent, I do not know if this is how the pain is released, the fear I felt at that moment, but enough to be silent, enough to think compassionately about the aggressor and not say his name that may feel damaged, Bubby Labecchia made me go through the most traumatic moment of my life, I felt alone, with a huge void that until today I find difficult to fill. Even now with these words in this text, I have difficulty deciding to expose this. I am a big woman, I am 60 years old and I had to see a woman @soythelmafardin 26 years to dare, think of saying this? Quite a lot of women raise our voices, it's the only way to protect ourselves, to free ourselves and now they are the ones who fear, those who do not dare to do it again !!! And many will say that something so terrible happened to all of them? Yes it is !!! it seems that most, and they too, many friends also abused them ? @ actresses.argentinas ?✊? #miracomonosponemos ?

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