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The mother and stepfather of Priscila Leguiza Lafuente, the 7-year-old girl who was murdered, burned and thrown into a stream in the city of Berazategui, Buenos Aires province, in 2014, was found guilty on Monday of a quilmes court, which on Friday will announce verdict. to accomplish,

Judicial sources reported that the Oral Criminal Court (TOC) 5 de Quilmes declared unanimously Silvana Lafuente (37) and Pablo Verón Bisconti (35) guilty of "aggravated homicide because of connection, premeditation, cruelty and betrayal."

This was confirmed Julio Torrada, the lawyer representing Gabriel Leguiza, the father of the minor, after the hearing in which the judges Mónica Rodríguez de Piuma, Juan Martín Mata and Gustavo Farina They read the verdict, although without the amount of the penalty, which will be reported next Friday at 13.

"It has been proven that the death of the baby and the disappearance of his remains were planned, planned and designed", said Torrada to the press and clarified that the qualification accompanies what he asked in his request, where he applied for a life sentence.

In addition, he assured that during the trial it was established that the defendants "They deceived the Justice and the Police with false accusations, gathering and setting up a spectacle in the morgue when Priscilla's body appeared".

Meanwhile, he referred to the pastor identified as Santos Doroteo Lezcano, whom he described as "a person very close to (Silvana) Lafuente" what "Operated in the Berazategui area" as a social worker.

According to the lawyer, this pastor received a phone call the day of the incident at 10 o'clock in the morning from the victim's mother, where he said "Come, help me, I sent shit, I killed my daughter".

"He told himself that he appeared at the crime scene and that he saw Priscilla's body wrapped in a blanket behind the stairs, but to avoid getting into trouble, he did not complain.", he added.

In this sense, Torrada considered that the man "It has to be stopped" and advanced "When this process is over, another process will begin, where we will ask it to be tried, because there is a clear responsibility as a cover-up and even as a necessary participant".

Meanwhile, in the allegations made last week, the prosecutor, Mariel CalviñoHe had also requested that both defendants be sentenced to life imprisonment for "aggravated homicide by bond."

At that time, Calviño took credit for the fact that Lafuente was the author of the murder of his own daughter, so he asked to be sentenced to this high penalty.

Meanwhile, Bisconti did not consider him a co-author of this crime – since he was not the girl's father – but accused him of being a fundamental participant in committing the crime with his wife and asked for the same sentence.

On the other hand, the official defenses of the accused requested the acquittal of both for the benefit of the doubt, because they blamed each other for who was the perpetrator of the crime.

In addition, defenders asked court members to have the case described as a "pre-intentional homicide", that is, that the victim was beaten but not for the purpose of killing her.

The girl's crime began to be investigated on January 4, 2014, when Lafuente denounced to the police the disappearance of her daughter, whom she said she last saw on the first day of the year.

Priscilla's corpse was found days later, on January 7, between the prairies and shrubs of the "Las Conchillas" brook, on the border between Berazategui and Hudson.

Both the mother and the girl's stepfather were detained the same day the body was found and, according to the instructions of the case, both killed Priscilla with blows, tried to burn her body on a railing and finally put a sack and they took him in a baby carriage to the stream where he was found days later.


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