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O exchange rate of dollar fell on Tuesday Argentina due to the appreciation of the peso as a result of recent Central Bank measures (BCRA) seeking to provide currency reassurance in times of increasing economic and political uncertainty months after a presidential election.

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In the meantime, the price of dollar fell 1.12% to 43.88 Argentine pesos in the wholesale plaza at 10:14 am Buenos Aires (13:14 GMT), against a historic floor of 46.55 units, registered the previous week.

O BCRA announced on Monday that it will sell dollars if he exchange rate will be located below the estimated limit of 51,448 pesos per unit, to avoid that a new fall in the domestic currency fuels the crisis that the country crosses.

On Tuesday, the central bank granted 104.4 billion pesos ($ 2,373 million) in the first Liquidity Letters Day (& # 39; Leliq & # 39;) auction at a record average rate of 73.939%, dealers said.

They added that the transaction recorded a maximum yield of 74.20% and a minimum of 72.246% in 8 days.

O BCRA Thus, it validated an unprecedented average rate, from its previous top of 73.524% on October 8, according to official data.

The monetary authority calculated the average on MondayLeliq& # 39; in 73.191%, after two placements.

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