Prevent the construction of the new Spanish hospital in August


The transformation of the Spanish Hospital into a state-of-the-art state-of-the-art center for cancer care and diagnosis and treatment of stroke is constantly advancing. The government has just rewarded the work for the Bilbao company and they expect the contract to be signed for 20 days, to start the first works in August, according to Architecture director Marcelo Yornet in statements to Tiempo de San Juan.

This is the construction of the necessary infrastructure to install diagnostic imaging equipment called PET / CT in the premises of the Hospital Espaol, a private entity that was recovered by Public Health when it went bankrupt.

To make the PET / CT far away, the approval of the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRA) was given; with the support of the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) and the School of Nuclear Medicine Foundation (FUESMEN).

There were 10 bidders in the bidding process for the opening of envelopes made in May and now it was known that Bilbao Construcciones SRL, which is a company based in San Juan, made an economic proposal for $ 57,340,657.41. It was the cheapest offer for the project that had an official budget of $ 62,750,000.

The construction project includes a surface to be constructed of 868 m2 with spaces for access and waiting room, administrative sector, public toilets and personnel with changing rooms, office, injector, heating room, equipment, engine room, for physicists and doctors . , deposit of deposited and pathogenic waste, among others.

A new concept in sanjuanina public health

In November 2016, the Government of San Juan officially awarded the prize to the State of the Spanish Hospital, which was in intervention since 2007 and which worked thanks to the hard work of a charity. Since then, the place has been working only by maintaining the intensive therapy, which is outsourced, and attends to PAMI and social work. The idea is that this remains because they are valuable beds for Public Health.

The new hospital will house the technology known as PET-CT, that is, positron emission computed tomography, which must be controlled in its radioactivity emission. This required a complex procedure, which has a provisional and definitive authority, for the use of radioactive material.

There are these teams in some places in the country, such as Mendoza and Buenos Aires, and San Juan is the seventh province to have this latest technology. Once this place is working, it will allow patients with diagnostic or therapeutic needs for oncological diseases not to travel to Mendoza. The PET-CT makes very fine diagnoses, works with cancer pathologies of any type and throughout the body and detects, for example, a tumor of 2 millimeters; besides using a new technique.

On the other hand, the center will also have another specialty which is the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases, in particular the stroke.


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