Pokemon Let's Go !, Black Friday's best-selling video game – 11/26/2018


Pokemon Come on! Pikachu / EEvee broke all records and became the best-selling video game on Black Friday in the United States, and even ranked fourth in the general sales category, second only to general laptops and toys.

Thus, Nintendo's videogame conquered, in its debut, the podium of the best selling trading game to date.

On the overall podium, according to a report by Adobe Insights, the first place was laptops of all brands, followed by the LOL Surprise dolls.

Pokemon Let's Go has a version with Pikachu or Eevee.

Pokemon Let's Go has a version with Pikachu or Eevee.

In third place were placed other toys, the cute monkeys Fingerlings, while the fourth place went to the video game starring Pikachu O Eevee and the fifth for another title: God of War, a PlayStation video game.

What is Pokémon: Come on!

Pokémon: Come on! It was presented as a remake of the Yellow Pokémon released for Game Boy in 1998, with a significant change: to get Pokémon there is no need to fight against them in random battles; instead, they are captured playing a pokeball, and for this it is necessary to make a gesture release with one of the switch console joysticks.

The game, moreover, is compatible with a new accessory, a Poké Ball which allows you to store a Pokémon and ride with it. Similarly, Integrates with the Pokémon Go, the successful mobile application.

As in Pokémon Go, get a successful launch capture to the creature and you gain the experience which was won before fighting. This whole process may seem like a simplification of the original structure, but in fact this makes the playing style fit the times.

According to the version that is played, Pikachu or Eevee accompany the player as a kind of wizard, and some different characters will appear: not all are available in both games.

The game calls for nostalgia, and was even presented on social networks with the official song of the series.


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