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Pokémon GO: Salamina Island has not had a Pokémon in months and Niantic has not spoken | Salamis Island | Video Games

Pokemon GO is still a worldwide phenomenon. A good number of players in the world are still active in the game. However, luck did not smile at everyone the same way. In one location, coaches ensure that Pokemon They are extinct and they even called Niantic.

Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game where the stage is the real world, used as a habitat for Pokemon, creatures that game users must capture.

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Salamis Island (Greece)

All normal but no sign of wild Pokémon

As in the Pokémon franchise video games, in Pokémon GO, the type and species of creature to appear are dictated by the area in which they are located.

The case we present to you now occurs from March 2019, in a city where a good deal of Dewgongs and Wailords used to appear, plus many Cacnea on sunny days.

It's about the island of Salamis, located in the Aegean Sea, belongs to Greece and has a population of almost 40 thousand inhabitants. Of these, no coach can capture any.

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Niantico silence

The strange thing is that Pokémon GO works perfectly there. Menus, poképaradas and servers can be reached without any problem. But there is no natural pokemon.

A situation that started about 7 months ago. Even a group of Pokémon GO users have tried to communicate with Niantic, a conversation they sent to Polygon, but they only got a pre-generated auto-reply.

The same medium tried to communicate with Niantic on the subject, but they received no response. Even so, a single user of Salamis He was able to get a more real answer by answering that they were "aware of the situation" which apparently is a bug.

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"The game is dying"

However, a date has not been set to wait for the error to resolve. "We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you can continue to enjoy the game elsewhere until the issue is resolved," says the desperate response from Niantic.

An avid follower of the game and resident of SalamisLemery69 ensures that many local players are traveling just to keep their games active. “Many people left the game after a few months of deafening silence. Many of us hope this will be resolved, because Pokémon GO is a special game that takes us off our computer sofas and chairs and is extremely social. "

“We have developed strong friendships within the community that we could not have before. Most of us were strangers to everyone, ”says Lemery69.

Salamis Island (Greece)

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What do you think? Would you leave Pokémon GO if a similar situation occurred in your area?

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