Poetic Sayings by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro on the "Not One Less" – 12/23/2018


In the presence of Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro (60) to the table Mirtha Legrand (91) This Saturday was much commented on social networks, not only by the dressing he wore under his nose after having suffered a bicycle accident while walking with his dog.

It turns out that the renowned lawyer and former adviser of Tandil said that "the Not one less he had a high ideological load "and he outraged the three women invited to the table: Teté Coustarot (68) Nancy Pazos (50) and María O & # 39; Donnell (48). And this sparked a heated debate.

It all started when Pazos said that Juan Darthés (54) was "a rapist." Then the media lawyer stated:It is not yet known if he violated. We can have a vision, as I and we all do, of the rejection of the attitude, but we do not yet have a conviction. The reality is that it is also true that o & # 39; Ni One less & # 39; had a high ideological load"

"He did not have a high ideological load. Excuse me, but no less to those who did not organize (they had)"Coustarot quickly crossed." What do you mean by "ideological"? "Asked Donnell. behind the gender issue was a vision related to government K. It is absolutely so. Today this is no longer the case, "D & # 39; Alessandro replied.

Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro in the program Mirtha with Maria, Teté and Nancy. (Twitter)

Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro in the program Mirtha with Maria, Teté and Nancy. (Twitter)

"No, nothing to see"said the journalist outraged The Nation while the other guests continued to contradict the lawyer. "It was not so", the former model opined." Nothing to see, the issue of gender has to do with gender, not with political ideology", added the former speaker of the The angels of the morning (Thirteen at 10:30 AM).

At that moment, Teté spoke directly with D & # 39; Alessandro: "When you say an ideological accusation, is it to diminish Neither one less?""Not"said the professional.Oh, and why do you say that?", the driver also drained.

At that moment O & # 39; Donnell intervened in the conversation and exclaimed:He says it's a philharmonic movement and has nothing to do"I'm saying it was a philharmonic movement, actually …" he tried to enlighten the champion of many celebrities, but Coustarot would not let him finish:But you do not know the women who organized this"

After that, the speaker also assured that "more or less" he knows the women who organized this fight movement because he went to a march and stressed reluctantly:Not one hundred marches"

"Do you think that no Macrist women were mobilized by Ni Ni? You are totally wrong, "the journalist and ex-wife of the deputy head of government of Buenos Aires reminded him with a raised voice. Diego Santilli (51). "It was massive"Mirtha said.

"I do not say, if I'm not a macrista, I'm not … but he had an ideological accusation, "the lawyer tried to apologize.Of course, women who mobilize against gender violence have an ideology that has to do with ending a patriarchy … but you what you were saying that it was under an ideology putting a mantle of a second intention of kirchnerism crouched behind the Ni less"said O & # 39; Donnell.

"Yes, I'm saying it's true, there was. What I'm saying is that only those 500 actresses …"continued the lawyer.But based on what you're saying it?"the journalist asked," based on many things related to abortion … "D & # 39; Alessandro surprised.Cristina Kirchner went against the decriminalization of abortion"said the policy specialist.

"What do you have to do? I'm talking Not one less which is an earlier debate, It's not everything for Cristina.. I assert that, at least what I believe, is that these new 500 actresses (who accompanied Thelma Fardin in her complaint against Darthés) they "de-ideologized""added the lawyer.

"By no means do they have a very specific ideology"Said Mary." What I say is something that the other day said very well Amalia Granata, she said: "No one was freer than I was with my body. I was responsible, I grabbed Robbie Williams and did what I wanted, and that does not mean I have to keep up with the ideology of termination of pregnancy. "

While this was happening, Teté looked at him in amazement and then said,Mauricio what are you saying …! You're not pulling down all the discussion""If you can not handle it, it's not my fault, what do you want me to do? If I just play it against the four you want … "added the guest questioned.

Tweet by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

Tweet by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

Finally, the lawyer followed the debate on Twitter when he crossed several users of this network. "How they danced you at the table …"they wrote to him from an anonymous account where they also insulted him." I did not go through the humiliating life. I like the debate and I give. What I said is what I think, not what I use"replied the legal expert.

Tweet by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

Tweet by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

"I'm seeing Mirtha and A long time ago @dalessamauricio is throwing it all away, sucking the socks Macri, as long as you get a conchabo or something load or look good for free. Jester of the day, "another user tweeted.

Tweet by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

Tweet by Mauricio D & # 39; Alessandro.

"I explain to you idiot: you say that I look for a conchabo and I was elected for 4 years with my votes, not lent. Now you change the point. The coconut ate the collective. Blandito, "the lawyer replied angrily in his words.


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