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The analysis of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds comes with the latest (for now) version of the game. PUBG arrives on the PS4 after having gone through the PC, Xbox One and several months after the mobile versions. Is there still a fuse left for the "royal battle" pioneer?

There are still platforms to receive Battlegrounds of Playerunknown (or PUBG). The well-known online multiplayer, which broke records on the PC and became one of the most powerful Xbox One – improved on Xbox One X – last year, now comes to PS4, allowing more players are still those who discover the pioneer of "battle real".

If we are allowed to compare, what happens with PUBG It is similar to the phenomenon Minecraft, which has been adapted for all devices and platforms, after its impetuous start on the PC. But in this case, the "real battle" has a drawback, and is that the genre is being plagued by competitors, who return to the same game system. On the one hand, the "almighty" Fortnite, with its "free to play" formula, a more colorful visual style and a shelter construction system.

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On the other hand, the Blackout by Call of Duty Black Ops 4, which incorporates the "gunplay" in first person characteristic of the saga, and that offers a technical section much superior. And we're still waiting for the Firestorm Battleground, with a similar premise.

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Review of PUBG on Xbox One

So at this point, a year and a half after the original release, it's worth thinking if there's still some dust left in the Bluehole Studio game to gain a place among fans of the genre. The answer is yes, but it is not easy.

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Survival to the limit

Perhaps in the world there are still some ignorant who do not know the premise of an "all against all" of this kind. There are about 100 players jumping from an airplane to an island where they will have to fight until there is only one survivor – in this case, we can also play with four-man squads. The combat area is a circle that is gradually reduced, and this forces us to meet our opponents.

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All players start from scratch, meaning they must collect the weapons and supplies that are scattered on the map. And such equipment can be of different types: protections such as helmet or bulletproof vests, bandages and painkillers to recover and of course the arsenal.

In Battlegrounds of Playerunknown we can carry up to four weapons at once: melee, pistol and two rifles (also rifles or machine guns) that usually decide the game. In addition, you can attach accessories like muzzles, mufflers, different optics and extended chargers, which gives us a range of quite complete options.

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The strategic point of the game is that our limited inventory (and what we find in our path) will force us to decide on a long range rifle, but with a low fire rate or more versatile weapons, depending on the timing of the game we are in. And as the fallen enemies leave their arsenal, in the final section all players will be fully equipped.

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PUBG guide and tricks

All weapons that appear in the game are real models (from the more modern like the Kriss Vector to the old "tommy gun") and some include the selector of shots, to decide if we want automatic, semi or shooting.

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Game maps

The main advantage of PUBG in comparison to other games of the genre is that it has several maps. Each of them has a unique setting and adds variety to development: we can play in a desert environment, in a rainforest or on an island with urban and rural areas, and each one modifies the style of the games a bit.

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For now, only the maps are available. Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, but soon new scenarios will come to the game. Actually, the map has already been announced Vikendi, on a snowy terrain. With PUBG, we also have access to the test servers to discover these maps before they are implemented.

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The approach is always the same, of course, but open areas invite us to move more, as we can be an easy target for fencers, while other environments (particularly cities) lend themselves to seeking coverage and measuring our steps a lot. .

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Each of the maps also has its own vehicles (terrestrial and aquatic) that allow us to advance with speed, but its sound betrays our position.

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Weekly and daily challenges with your reward

The system of progress is one of the keys to the game (and also one of the forms of financing). We can not get "useful" objects because this would change the rules of the game, but instead there are many unlockable elements in the cosmetics section: from the character's clothes new skins for the parachute or the weapons.

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They can be achieved by completing quests, paying with the game currency, or through service boxes. In the case of PS4, one of the incentives of the reserve is that we can wear the Nathan Drake in the Uncharted saga and the backpack of Ellie in The Last of Us.

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It's a way of "showing" the times we had chicken (when we had a victory in the Battlegrounds of Playerunknown, the game rewards us with the phrase "Winner, winner, chicken dinner") among the rest of the community, and from This is precisely what competitors are online, right?

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The console version

A year ago, with the Xbox One version, we did not dare to classify the game because it was in a early access version. However, now that it is "complete", we still encounter some important flaws. The network code works very well, and we had no problem finding a game, nor did we have any drops or evictions.

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The game runs to 30 fps stable with improvements on PS4 PRO (although it does not reach 4K resolution) and does not currently support cross-platform cross-platform play.

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Are PUBG and Fortnite so similar?

However, the control system is a bit complex. In particular, access to menus to attach accessories or the recharging system – which requires us to leave the button pressed for a moment – has left us "sold" a few times. Here, certainly, PC users have more ease (it is not compatible with mouse and keyboard on PS4).

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The first person mode (We can change the perspective at any time) does not make it easier to aim – since you have to press twice to use the view – and the technical section in general is not very polished: textures that take a long time to load, very polygonal elements and forced animations, as well as uneven physics in vehicles. The lighting of the interiors and the emergence of buildings and objects also do not help to improve this aspect.

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All in all, the PUBG is very funny. There are times when the game goes slow, but with less than 20 players missing, things get very excited, and in the final stages our pulse accelerates. And also comes at a very tight price of 29.99 euros in the basic version.

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No wonder the game has been so successful – also on YouTube and Twitch – over the years, but today, it would not be our first choice in terms of a "real battle."

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