Pity Martinez: "I gave the fans what they deserve, they waited for me and it's everything for them" – 09/12/2018


"Pity does not leave, Pity does not leave, does not leave, Pity does not leave." The corner came from the north tribune of the Santiago Bernabéu. River was already champion of America. And he, more crazy than ever, liked to embrace with the Copa Libertadores, that Cup that he had already won in 2015. But that has another flavor. And this is logical. In that was substitute. In this title and decisive. As never. Not only in the Libertadores. Also in the Superclassics.

He is River-Boca's most influential player. They made the penalty in the first leg of the eighth Libertadores 2015. And Carlos Sanchez changed to the goal. Al Pity is happy with Bombonera: he scored a great goal in the 3-1 of 2017 for the tournament. He traced one less than three months ago: he played 20 minutes and was injured. He was reached to be a figure. Six months earlier he had been one of the best of the River in the 2-0 in Mendoza that was worth the Supercopa Argentina. He made the first one with a well executed penalty. And now these ends.

In La Bombonera watched Lucas Pratto for 1-1 and sent the center that Izquierdoz headed against for the 2-2. As if that were not enough, he looked great at the moment, when Boca came with what he could for the draw and River counted the minutes and seconds to finish. The best closing. A goal for its classic rival to enact that River is champion of America.

All for the joy of that child Pity, who watched River on TV in Guaymallén, Mendoza. So they can celebrate their father, a Millo fan. And your brothers. And her baby, Pilar: she talks about her and her eyes shine.

He also kicked the hot penalty in the semi-final in Porto Alegre. "Poor Martinez, how crazy he is," everyone sang with him. This hit that became popular after 2-0 at Bombonera.

Pena came to River in 2015 in exchange for 4 million dollars. There were ups and downs. He fought with the fans. Until there was a break in early 2017, after a group conversation with neuroscience doctor Sandra Rossi, who works on the training team. "I do not want him to leave because I know he's going to explode somewhere else, and I want him to explode with me," Gallardo told Clarín at the time. And he was right now. Atlanta from the United States awaits you …

Enthusiastic about what Pity says, the Boca expert, key to this champion of America: "I do not know what to say. to give joy to the people who filled the stadium I want to inform people that I will not continue It's a very difficult decision The road continues I gave the fans what they deserve They waited for me and it's all for them.


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