Pinola: "There are very few teams that can accompany us"


Javier Pinola I came to River Plate after staging a somewhat political exit from Central Rosary. In his first games in the team he directs tactically Marcelo Gallardo, the central defender did not have good performances using the colors of La Banda. However, over time, the defender has found his best level and brilliance in such a way that he has consolidated himself as one of Mueco's undisputed eleven headlines. After doing one of the training sessions that make up the pre-season of the Millionaire, Javier talked with TyC Sports and talked about his good time in the entity Nez.

First, Pinola referred to the video that became viral, which was running under heavy rain in Punta del Este. "When you get older you have to prepare to be the youngest, I try to deal with the burdens not to pass, this is something I talk to our physical trainer, I train a lot to get the best preseason possible and the beginning of the championship, "he said.

In his physical condition, the defender added: "In Germany I learned the discipline of training, you have to know what your strengths are and what the weak are." When I went to Europe, I knew that what I had was not enough for me. To be a foreigner and to demonstrate in my first games, I was getting more physical, I learned to be more professional over the years, I also took care of myself with many things and improved the body's deficits. I do not see it, but today I like to keep it.

Then, Pinola recalled the moment when I ran to follow Gonzalo Martnez in River Plate's third goal in the Copa Libertadores final against Boca Juniors. "When Franco Armani hit the punch, I see Juanfer, who got only a marker, so I always try to give the option to a partner, then the partner decides who is the best placed. Too bad, I started to run and, since I saw he was going solo, he slowed down, and then he accelerated again to be the first to celebrate with him, "said the 35-year-old.

Later, the central defender palpit the commitments that the millionaire has in 2019: "We are very well prepared, there are very few teams that can come to accompany us, that's why we were champions, besides the quality that could be in Our ways are the ones that keep us standing all the time, we have to continue on this path, we do not need to reduce the intensity a little. "

Finally, Javier highlighted the coach of La Banda, as he also broke praise for the two captains of the institution of Nez. "There is no room for letting go, Marcelo Gallardo demands a lot from us and everyone knows what River represents, besides having two leaders, two examples in the group, like Leonardo Ponzio and Jonathan Maidana, who have won everything and are still ahead. we support them as they lead the way, we have a very united group that always seeks to keep improving, "Cerr Pinola.


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