Thursday , February 25 2021

Pinamar uncontrolled: circulate at great speed and pirouetting between people

For the people who star in this video little seems to matter to them the many accidents – often fatal – that occur year after year, for dealing irresponsibly quadricycle: they circulate at high speed and do tricks between people walking on the beach, and even revolving around the police as a symbol of rebellion.

All this was recorded by Telpin TV, a channel in the coastal city of Pinamar where these reprehensible acts occurred:

This happened in the La Frontera area known as La Olla, which local security secretary Matías Yeannes described as "a private property with free access." There, you can see how various drivers circulate recklessly among people, they throw sand at them, they do Willy and even heads around two police phones. Even you see a small drive.

Yeannes, in dialogue with the TN news channel, pointed out that although there has been a criminal complaint about this case and Individuals have been identified, so far the Office of the Prosecutor has not requested any action in particular.

On the other hand, he assured that the safe areas are controlled as forbidden and always seeking to avoid persecution in the area of ​​the dunes.

According to current regulations, who drives a motorcycle should have:

  • License of qualification with the corresponding category
  • Mandatory and secure domain
  • Helmet approved with visor or glasses
  • Do not charge more people than those authorized by the manufacturer.

The fines for noncompliance amount to a fine of US $ 45,000.

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