physical activity has a protective effect against their appearance


Physical activity is one of the mechanisms that increases the body's defense against the appearance of colon and rectum cancer, which is in third place among the most frequent cancers recorded in the last 10 years, according to data from the Supervisory Board. Noncommunicable Diseases.

Being active has a very strong protective effect on cancer prevention since it seems to clearly reduce the risk of suffering from this in 40-50% of the most active people, and thus this condition becomes one of the most preventable tumors. .

This March 31st is the World Day Against Colon Cancer, under the slogan "More physical activity, greater prevention of colon cancer", and the intention is to raise awareness and inform about this disease and encourage healthy habits to prevent occurrence

The increase in this condition is due to poor habits: inadequate diet, obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle and sedentary lifestyle, risk factors associated with cancer, explained Dr. Mirta Ortiz, a Physical Activity Promoter. the Directorate of Surveillance of Noncommunicable Diseases.

He noted that physical activity also includes physical exercise and sports, as well as other activities that involve any voluntary bodily movement, and that can be developed as part of the moments of play, work, active forms of transportation, household chores and recreation.

"A considerable percentage of cases of colon and rectum cancer could be prevented if greater awareness of cancer control and the importance of being physically active along with a healthy, high-fiber diet that gives bulk to the food mass were implemented which travels through the large intestine, "he added.

Among the mechanisms mentioned are the increase in antitumor immunological defenses (number and activity of macrophages, which are remarkable cleaning cells), as well as the decrease of stool time in contact with intestinal mucus, which reduces the contact period of carcinogens with this.

How to Exercise

The modalities of physical activity practiced should include contraction of large muscle masses, such as aerobic exercises (moderate to rapid walking), swimming, jumping rope, abdominal and dorsal exercises, and strengthening of the upper limbs.

The minimum time to add in the week is 150 minutes, divided into fractions of 30 minutes per day.

Although the prescription of physical activity is of recognized importance both clinically and institutionally, it is little used beyond mere advice, when exercise is actually medicine and, in fact, can be seen as the necessary vaccine to prevent numerous chronic diseases. said Ortiz.

He recommended that before beginning any type of physical activity, it is recommended to carry out the pertinent medical controls and the physical activity programs should be supervised by Physical Education and Sports professionals trained in the prescription of the exercise.


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