Photos of Amalia Granata with her children and Leo Squarzon in Punta del Este: beach day, laughs and games


The first days of 2019 find Amalia Granata enjoying the exclusive beaches of Punta del This one. And it does not happen alone. She is accompanied by the most important people in her life: her partner, Leo Squarzon, the son they have in common, Roqueand your daughter An, as a result of its relationship with Ogre Fabbiani.

As you can see from the pictures taken at Playa Mansa, they enjoy every minute of their stay and have fun together as a family.

The journalist She wore a purple bikini. and he showed himself all the while very smiling, holding hands with his eldest daughter and accompanying Roque in its first steps in the arena. Although he had more than one fall, the small he picked up with great humor and he did not stop playing.

On the other hand, Leo Squarzon He wore the same swimsuit. Yellow than your son, very hot dogs!

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