Photos and filtered data of the impressive Huawei Nova 4


In the midst of the prison stupidity of the Financial Manager of Huawei, the Asian company presents its new and innovative Nova 4 the following day officially December 17, although the data and some images of the new device were already known.

Until the moment could be seen briefly as its front end as a teaser at the birthday party of a famous Asian actor and singer, though little was known about the smartphone in s.

The Nova 4 comes with the fingerprint reader and a similar triple camera in appearance, at least for the signature built in last March on the Huawei P20 Pro. In addition, the new terminals bring a tonality of two tones that is already characteristic of the brand .

At the front there are not many surprises, showing the design already revealed with the camera built directly into the upper left area of ​​the screen and thus eliminating the notch, details Hypertext. Given the presence of the fingerprint reader on the back and no fingerprint scanning icon is visible on the lock screen, everything seems to point to the fact that this sensor will not be available under the panel.

Although the device's internal specifications are unknown, everything points to being aimed at the mid-market segment and not to be ahead of the Huawei line of smartphones, although some do not rule out a surprise in the functionality of the device.


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