Peugeot suspended 1,000 workers | The crisis is …


By Javier Lewkowicz

@ Peugeot's automaker suspended its production activity in March, a decision affecting thousands of workers at the El Palomar factory. The rain of suspensions is explained by the collapse of the domestic market, where the company directs most of its production. "It is the product of the fall in demand, we should expect the stock to go down a bit," they told Reuters from the company. Suspensions are officially confirmed for March, although industry sources warn that they will also be extended in April. Peugeot said that it is still in progress with the investment to manufacture a new model of economy car in the country. Suspensions, voluntary withdrawals and layoffs affect all automotive terminals. In addition, the day before yesterday, the closure of Metalpar and the auto parts industry is also in a delicate situation.

"During March, all manufacturing activity is suspended due to the fall in demand, stocks are a bit high and we have to wait for them to fall." The suspension affects a thousand workers in a team of 1,500 workers in the production area. with the union to protect employment.The salary charged by the suspense depends on the sectors, there is no general rule, while the rest of the activities follow their course, such as the adaptation of the factory according to the investment project, the location of the auto parts and the administrative area responsible for import operations and spare parts, among others, "explained. spokespersons of the company.

Although the company confirmed the suspensions only in March, suppliers admitted that they were asked not to deliver the goods during the months of March and April because the factory would not work in that period. The UOM section also endorsed the suspension information. The picture looks very different from a little less than two years ago when President Mauricio Macri presented an investment announcement by PSA. "It is a bet that makes a global company very important in Argentina, and it is also a demonstration of confidence in this path that we began to walk for fifteen months, which has to do with greater predictability," said Macri, from the El Palomar factory, who the president has known well since he was in the family business Socma. , which was managed by Sevel, the local licensee of Peugeot.


Macri during the inauguration

In El Palomar, the Peugeot 308 is produced, which according to Acara data recorded sales of 6,513 units last year, 33% less than in 2017. The 408 is also manufactured, which had sales in 3006 units, 46% less than in 2017. In Partner's case, sales fell last year by 17 percent, while the C4 Lounge had a 23.2 percent drop. These poor performances are explained by the increase in prices due to the devaluation of the peso and the closing of the credit by the exorbitant interest rates, which affect all the terminals and, therefore, the auto parts, which last year lost 5% of the total. registered employment.


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