Peugeot 208 with new and improved upgrades


The Peugeot 208 2019 is an update of the Peugeot hatchback for the B segment (boy). Has changes in equipment of all versions. It replaces the 208 that have been marketed since July 2013, with a restyling in July 2016. They arrive imported from Brazil (nafteros) and from Slovakia (the diesel). They are already on sale in our market.

With the 1.5 hp (90 hp) engine discontinued in 2017 and the GTi 1.6 THP (208 hp) sold until last year, the range of engines is composed of four mechanical options: 1.6 16v (115 hp, with five-speed manual gearbox , 1.6 16v (115 hp, with Tiptronic automatic six-speed gearbox), 1.6 THP (165 hp, with sixth manual gearbox) and 1.6 HDi (92 hp with fifth gear). Front unit

The Feline, GT and HDi versions have received an update to the multimedia system, which is now compatible with Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto and Waze.

Stability control (ESP) is only available in HDi and GT versions.

In addition, all versions lost some equipment. The reason: from 2020, the second generation of 208 will be manufactured in Argentina. The Brazilian 208 will continue with longer production time, but with a more basic and accessible positioning.

Regarding the details:

– Active version: lost satellite audio commands on the steering wheel and 195 / 60R15 tires (now, 185 / 60R15).

– Feline version: lost the front parking sensors and the side lamps in bright plastic (now matte black).

– GT version: lost the front parking sensors.

In addition, the Active, Allure and Feline versions no longer come with chrome exhaust (now it's a conventional metal cannula).

The data


is the year in which the second generation of the 208 will be manufactured in our country.

The prices

208 Assets 1.6 115: 579,400 pesos

208 Allure 1.6 115: 657,800 pesos

208 Allure 1.6 Tiptronic 6 115: 700,600 pesos

208 Feline 1.6 115: 754,100 pesos

208 Feline 1.6 Tiptronic 6 115: 797,200 pesos

208 GT 1.6 THP 165: 856,700 pesos

208 Allure Plus 1.6 HDI 92: 836,600 pesos.

The warranty is three years or 100,000 kilometers.


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