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PES 2020 announces launch date, features and Messi as a cover


The video game is an evolution and changes its nomenclature this year for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

Football fans were eager to get the first news about PES 2020 and finally we have the initial details about a video game that changes its name this year: eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. Count with Leo Messi as a cover football player, and for sale on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from the day September 10th in Europe and America.

eFootball PES 2020 marks a major breakthrough in terms of technology for the Pro Evolution Soccer saga and opens what its own Konami defines as a new decade in leading technology for soccer simulation. Its leaders look for realism in this delivery and claim to have heard the community's comments to consolidate shocking changes that want to focus on a sense of total freedom and tremendous control.

He counted on the advice of Andrs IniestaAccording to explain, the veteran of the footballer has used Andrs Iniesta to help shape the new video game with an approach that seeks to maximize the immersion and authenticity of the experience. One of the great owners of this collaboration between footballer and development studio? O subtle dribble, a new technique for the dynamic feats of the video game that promises to delight the followers of the always elegant Manchego midfielder.

PES 2020

More precisely, there are many other changes as well. The ball control receives many changes, and also the precise shot. Promises greater realism in defense and the incorporation of an action to make intentional failures. Also more emphasis to transfer the personality of the players to their virtual partners.

The changes will not only be on the playing field, but also on the modalities. There is a new system of interactive dialogues for the Master League, one of the game modes that the most attention was required by fans. There is also a new algorithm for hiring, salaries and many other things, and more freedom for the customization of our manager and the aspect of the sponsors.

On the other hand, the mode also debuts Journey. A competitive we choose at the beginning of each event that side we want to put, and we add points with each correct action to achieve victory.

We've never been so enthusiastic about the future of the saga.Today is the announcement of eFootball PES 2020 and our new position recognizes this company's commitment to the emerging eFootball sport and the progress we have made in that direction with previous PES titles, says Jonas Lygaard, Konami brand manager for the saga of soccer. With Konami's continued investment in the PES LEAGUE and eFootball.Pro tournaments, in addition to our dedication to continuing to increase the list in football simulation games, we have never been so enthusiastic about the future of the eFootball PES series.

Image of PES 2020

Visually? There are also major changes. "O Good game never looked better than it has been so far, "say its leaders, with the promise that Pro Evolution Soccer 2020" features an optimized lighting engine, better player models, realistic animations and the repetition of a pre- established. a convincing sense of retransmission. "

The video game will be available in two editions. The standard with the FC Barcelona soccer player Lionel Messi occupying the graph, and the Legendary Edition (digital only) starring also the former team player azulgrana Ronaldinho.

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