Thursday , October 21 2021

Perth yogis salute the summer solstice – the longest day of the year


As these yogins greet the sun this morning, it will be heading toward its highest point in the sky.

Today marks the summer solstice, when the southern hemisphere experiences its longest day.

In Perth, the solstice is scheduled to occur at 6:03 am, about an hour after sunrise, and at 12:14 a.m., the Sun will be at its highest point in 12 months.

Yoga studios around Perth are hosting classes around the summer solstice in an annual tradition in honor of the sun.

The Yab Yum Yoga of Victoria Park held a session last night of Didgeridoo Pranayama focused on breathing exercises.

Studio owner Sam Flemming said the summer solstice was a significant period in yoga practice as it marked a seasonal change.

"There is a powerful component of delivering and connecting with the Earth and its seasons in yoga, so at this moment we are celebrating the Sun at its highest point of elevation, it is a truly powerful moment to connect with ourselves, our practice. and our intentions, "she said.

"It's a good time for new beginnings and a powerful moment to move forward in life. We all have an inherent connection with the Earth and its seasons, even if we do not realize it. "

Perth Observatory spokesman Matt Woods said the summer solstice occurred when the south pole of the Earth was at a maximum slope of 23.5 degrees toward the sun.

"Today the Earth is tilted in such a way that the southern hemisphere is pointed towards the Sun and we will have our longest day of the year," he said.

"The Earth's orbit is also not perfectly circular and the summer solstice falls within two weeks of our closest approach to the Sun."

Woods said that perihelion, when the Earth is closest to the Sun, would happen on January 3.

The southern hemisphere will have four hours and 12 more minutes of sun today than at the winter solstice on June 21.

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