Pedro Alfonso revealed that his daughter Olivia made a confession that dislodged him: "I am not ready for anything"


One day of facing a special season, when he returns to work with his partner Paula Chaves, Pedro Alfonso referred to this possibility, spoke of the family and not of Antonio Gasalla.

Consulted for his feelings of returning to work with his wife, Paula Chaves, he said: "We always had the idea of ​​working together again, we stopped doing this because of Olivia's pregnancy, where Paula had to leave the tour. He was always latent to do something together on TV and in the theater. "

Along these lines, he acknowledged he cares about his daughter Olivia: "I'm not ready for anything, He already told me that he was going out with someone from the garden. and I have to keep everything for myself. I keep my zeal, I'll always look for her to be happy. The day I take a boyfriend home, I'm going to ride her with the best face. "

Finally, he expressed his opinion about polyamory and fidelity:I think everyone does what makes them happy.with Paula I would never think of it because I have no need to look for something from outside. We are very happy and, as a whole, we are a new couple, we have been married for four years "

And it ended: "I do not say that Florencia (Peña) does not have what it needs and looking for something from outside, each seeks what is good for him "

"The process was relatively short and I really enjoyed Gasalla, being at home and telling us so many things.I also keep the beautiful words about me and our work.When his refusal was final, personally was a disappointment because I had many illusions, "said Alfonso in dialogue with Agarrate Catalina in The Eleven Ten / Radio City.

For example, he continued: "I still think the same of Antonio as before. Immediately I separated the staff from the professional, the producer wanted to move on. "


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